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  • Block major IM clients
  • Block chat rooms
  • Monitor both sides of IM chats

Instant Messaging

Monitor Instant Messaging Conversations

Private Instant Messenger sessions remain the primary grooming medium used by online predators, so knowing who is talking to your kids—and what they are saying—is very important. With McAfee Family Protection you can let your kids enjoy IM to talk with their friends, and know that if there are inappropriate interactions, you’ll find out in your Activity Reports.

Blocking Instant Messengers

McAfee Family Protection also gives you the option of blocking instant messenger programs altogether. Just check the box and popular instant messenger programs won’t be able to connect to the Internet.

Block Chat Rooms

Chat rooms remain very dangerous places for kids, and are often frequented by online predators. McAfee Family Protection lets you block all chat sites, preventing your child from being exposed to dangerous interactions in those environments.